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We often get the question: “why would I buy a PICPOLE® photomast”? and not one of the competitors.
What are the exact differences between PICPOLE® and competitor products?
Here a nice comparison schedule with proven facts:

FOOTBASE™ versus PHOTOMAST english

Quite simple. Modern SLR or system or compact cameras are able to make sharp clear perspective
pictures in almost any conditions. Of course, all PICPOLE® systems (and carbon poles in general)
will sway a bit back and forth, but with virtually all modern cameras, you are able to make stunning
aerial photography pictures.
Most modern compact- /SLR cameras are adjustable for shutter speed/white balance and other main settings.
So don’t worry, it’s no problem making sharp and crisp images with your camera using the PICPOLE®.
Even in relatively dark surroundings it’s possible to make sharp and crisp images.
Normally a shutter speed of 1/125 sec. or even faster is sufficient to make sharp images with the PICPOLE®
Important in ISO level: recommended from 200 and 800, it’s possible to take crisp pictures in cloudy environments.

Obviously: The modern day technology provides us with drones with the finest
built-in features and video results,
but.… the main problem is that legislation has become much tougher for drone users in recent years.
It’s hard to get permits for flying above residential areas, roads, events, and above crowds.
Thus flying and photographing is something that now needs to be done with a lot of paperwork.
Also a general problem is that the idea of ​​”the higher, the better” commonly rules, but in most cases,
this is not true.  Especially in residential photography.
For an average house, a perspective view at a height of up to 20 ft. to 22 ft. is perfect.
When photographing on higher altitudes there will be more “rooftiles and lawn”,
the perspective which you were looking for is not there.
For sure a drone can go much higher than an aerial photography pole.
But in the end you won’t need a high system of 10 meters when making regular real estate photography.
A heavy SLR camera requires a bigger, thus more expensive drone.
Many customers who use the PICPOLE® photomast have already crashed one or two drones
or cameras so they made the choice for safer and relatively cheap aerial photography solution:
the PICPOLE® photomast. Quick and convenient elevated perspective aerial pole photography
without the problems of licenses and permissions.

PICPOLE® photomast products are shipped all over the world. Depending on your location, shipping costs
will be calculated automatically in the shop by ordering a PICPOLE®.
After your order and payment it will usually take 4-5 working days before the order is dispatched.
There will be a notification by e-mail when shipped. Note: any additional customs fees have
to be paid by the customer. We can not give any prediction for these costs.

That depends on some factors: the camera weight, the extended length of the tripod,
the skills of the person who works with it.
A heavy weight SLR camera will catch more wind and will sway more.
In windy weather , you have to be more carefully and do not extend to the highest altitudes.
In general, it’s not wise to make pictures with an aerial photography pole in strong winds.
Conclusion: It’s a matter of common sense.

All PICPOLE® products of non-electronic nature have lifetime warranty.
This means that for the glass fibre/ carbon poles, tripods, brackets there’s lifetime warranty.
The reason is that we have 100% confidence in the aerial photography tripods we make.
PICPOLE® was first with this concept in the photography market.
PICPOLE® has its own production of carbon fiber tubes which makes it a high end class
product and much different in stability from competitors who mostly use Asian parts.

Customers reactions

  • Real estate photographer Olivier Dykmans had searched for some time for a good aerial photography pole. "Especially the PICPOLE ® was my preference because of the FOOTBASE™, a particularly good stability what all other photomast systems in the market don't have. It also appealed to me that PICPOLE® uses Dutch made carbon fiber and all other alternatives of Asian carbon are made much less stiff  and not stabile.
    Olivier Dykmans from Belgium
  • Years ago I bought a PICPOLE® photo mast that has been used a lot over the years and has been flying around the world a lot, really a great thing. I take photos of the sky quickly and easily at dance events and they are very characteristic. I am also very satisfied with the quick service from PICPOLE®.
    Alex van Oostrum – dance event photographer
  • I am always very happy with the mast and the construction workers are always surprised. But with my new DJI Mavic 2 Zoom drone I also film more and more there. You can stay at a safe distance from your subject and then zoom in.
    Photographer Jan van Uffelen
  • After a while looking for an alternative to flying a drone and the associated regulations, I decided to purchase a height tripod. The purpose of the photography is to photograph homes and real estate. At PICPOLE® I bought a height tripod for an affordable price. Impressed by the material, which is sturdy, solid and remarkably stable. Connie Poelma CP Photography https://www.cpfotografie.nl/
    Connie Poelma CP Photography
  • As a photographer specialized in infrastructure (ground, road and hydraulic engineering, etc.) you also have to be constantly on the move, customers also want something different, or actually that “just” slightly different. Many will say yes, then take a drone. Yes, nice, but in many locations where my clients are located it is not possible and is not allowed. Then a height of 3-4m is usually more than enough and it gives a different dimension to the photo and the work. After orienting, we ended up at PICPOLE®. We are very satisfied with the PICPOLE® MAX ™ so far! See my website: https://www.vandetfotografie.nl
    Olivier van Det

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