PICPOLE® 6 Photomast

PICPOLE® 6 Photomast

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The PICPOLE® 6 photomast: 6 meters in length and suitable for all SLR and system cameras with or without Wi-fi. By the use of lightweight 6K carbon fibre of Dutch origin, it’s user-friendly and very stable.

The specially designed footplatform FOOTBASE™ with ridges is a very stable platform where you can put your foot on. You can use your own bodyweight to control the PICPOLE® in an easy, safe and stable way.
This makes the PICPOLE® the most stable photopole on the market. Control your camera with a build-in Wi-fi app. All camera manufacturers provide this app for free.
Take a look : Canon®, Nikon®, Sony®
Control settings as: white balance, diafragma, shutter-time, etc.
When ordering in the PICPOLE® webshop you can choose an including RAMMOUNT® X-grip holder or rainproof PICPOLE® smartphone-/7”/10” tablet holder. The PICPOLE® 6 is easy to use and transportable in any vehicle.

  • 6K Dutch manufacture carbon fibre telescopic photo pole.
  • RAMMOUNT® X-grip or rainproof smartphone-/7”/10” holder.
  • Manfrotto® tilthead/quickconnector type: 234 RC.
  • FOOTBASE™ rubber footplatform with ridges.
  • Roll-up nylon transport bag with shoulder strap and zipper.
  • Adjustable nylon shoulderstrap.

• 1 Month trial • Lifelong warranty • Service


Short retracted length

Lightweight system

6K carbon: extremely rigid and strong


Lightweight 6K Dutch carbon fibre

Easy to operate

Product features:

With the PICPOLE® 6 Photomast comes a rainproof smartphone-/7″ or 10″ tablet holder, or a RAMMOUNT® X-GRIP holder for smartphone or tablet. Available smartphone and tabletholders:
Rain and dustproof smartphone/tablet holder


Tilt Head

  • Dutch manufacture 6K carbon fibre.
  • Retracted length: 1.35 m./ 4.3 ft.
  • Full extended length: 6.0 m./ 19.7 ft.
  • Weight: 4,2 kg/9,3 lbs.
  • 360° rotatable by hand
  • Fingersave rotating aluminium clamps with ridges.
  • Inner core: carbon fibre.
  • Outer core: 6K woven carbon fibre.
  • Sections: 6.
  • Colour: black carbon.
  • Pneumatic braking system.

PICPOLE® has developed a unique footplatform called “FOOTBASE™”. This gives you much more stability than other types of photomast products You can put pressure on the FOOTBASE™ which results in ultimate control and stability. You will keep your hands free to control your smartphone or tabletcomputer. This makes a huge difference compared to other products in the market.

The aluminium “SAFETY TRIANGLE” makes sure that the PICPOLE® can be put on the ground in a safe way. It keeps your camera dust/moist free. You can also use it to lean the PICPOLE® against buildings/constructions.


The aluminium turning clamps are “finger safe” and ergonomically developed. They are much stronger than regular plastic clamps which can snap off in cold weather. Note: these turning clamps are much quicker and and easier in their handling, and don’t have to be adjusted like plastic clamps. Thanks to the grip profile, this clamp can be turned very easily.


The PICPOLE® 6 will be delivered in a protective black roll-up transportbag with shoulderstrap and zipper.




View the results of the PICPOLE® photomast below: