MAX™ Photomast

MAX™ Photomast

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Handy entry level photomast !

The inserted length is only 1,41 m /4,6 ft. and easy to transport.
Although constructed out of glass fibre, this PICPOLE® MAX™
can carry lightweight SLR cameras due to its broad tube diameter.
The PICPOLE® MAX™ photo pole is rapidly deployable.

The MAX™ can also be used as a monopod for ground photography perspectives through the use of the unique FOOTBASE™ stability system.
Use your own bodyweight to stabilize your photomast.
The “SAFE TRIANGLE” aluminium distanceholder keeps your camera clean and save.

• Glass fibre telescopic pole (6 m./ 19,8 ft.)
• Rainproof holder for smartphone/7″ tablet  with zipper and touchscreen.
FOOTBASE™ platform: for optimal grip and stability.
• Quick connector with connector plate.
• Foldable black nylon transportbag with shoulderstrap and zipper.



• 1 Month trial • Lifelong warranty • service


Attractively priced



FOOTBASE™ stability

Easy to use

Short retracted length

Product features:

Rainproof holders

• Glass fibre telescopic photopole.
• Retracted length: 1,41 m./ 4,7 ft.
• Extended length: 6 m./ 19,7 ft.
• Weight: 4,0 kg./ 8.8 lbs.
• Number of pole sections: 6.
• 360° rotation by hand
• Colour: matt black.
• Polycarbonate clamps. (sideways)

PICPOLE® has developed a unique FOOTBASE ™ foot platform.
This gives you much more stability than all other photomast products.
You exert counterpressure with your own weight which makes you
much more control your photo mast. You can keep your hands free for
your tablet or smartphone.
This is an important difference with other photo mast products on the market