SONIC™ Photomast

SONIC™ Photomast

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Long, extremely stabile and lightweight, that’s the PICPOLE® SONIC!
Whether you want to make pictures in a meadow or on a mountain or in the desert,
the SONIC™ is a very stable system, and is able to carry photo or video cameras up to 3 kg/ 7.7 lbs.
Take elevated photography without licenses or permits like with a drone.
A very robust and stable platform for every kind of photography or film job.
The aluminium tripod legs can independently extended, making it perfectly
levelled out on uneven surfaces. Ideal for: (large) real estate photography,
event photography, nature photography, crowd monitoring, inspections, 360° photography etc. 13 m./43 ft. long, extremely stable and lightweight, that’s the PICPOLE® SONIC™ ! The biggest and highest version of our products.
With its total weight of 15 kg./ 33 lbs, you can reach any spot you like.
Make your aerial imaging license free and problem free get a PICPOLE® SONIC™

• 13 meters/ 43 ft. telescopic 100% carbon fibre pole.
• Aluminium retractable tripod with polycarbonate clamps.
• Retracted length: 2,05 m./ 7 ft. Weight: 15 kg.
• Number of sections: 9
• Built in spirit level for uneven surfaces.
strong>Manfrotto® 234RC tilthead/quickconnector.
•Nylon protective bag for tripod



Suitable for all SLR cameras

Quick to erect

Easy foldable tripod with independent leg adjustment

Lightweight through carbon/aluminium combination

Robust, firm and strong construction

Easy to transport in any car

Product features:

• Material telescopic pole: 100% Dutch carbon fibre.
• Retracted length: 1.95 m./ 7 ft.
• Extended length: 13.0 m./ 42,7 ft.
• Weight: 15,0 kg./ 33 lbs.
• 360° manually rotatable.
• Tube sections: 9
• Colour mast: black
• Colour tripod: aluminum
• Pneumatic suspension
• Polycarbonate vertical clamps

Standard universal ⅜ inch stainless steel thread mounted on the top section. All other 3/8 thread camera connectors will fit the PICPOLE® SONIC™

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