SUPER™ Photomast

SUPER™ Photomast

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There is currently no comparable product in the marketplace.
With its weight of only 11 kg/ 24.3 lbs. , you can reach every spot you want.

This photomast can support  SLR cameras or video cameras up to 3 kg/ 7.7 lbs.
Ideal for real estate photography, event photography, inspections, promotional photography, geographical measurements etc.
This smaller sister of the PICPOLE® SONIC™ is an excellent choice for many photography or film tasks because of its outstanding mobility.
With the same type of aluminium tripod as the SONIC™, it’s a very stable base.

  • 10 meters/ 32.8 ft. telescopic 100% carbon fibre pole.
  • Aluminium retractable tripod with polycarbonate clamps.
  • Retracted length: 1.88 m./ 6.17  ft. Weight: 15 kg./33 lbs.
  • Number of sections: 9
  • Built in spirit level for uneven surfaces.
  • Manfrotto® 234RC tilthead/quickconnector.
  • Protective transportbag for tripod/pole

• 1 Month trial • Lifelong warranty • service


Usable in every location

Operational within seconds

Easy to operate

FOOTBASE™ stability

Sturdy and strong construction

Easy to transport

Product features:

  • Material: 100% 6K Dutch carbon fibre pole
  • Inserted length: 1.88 m./ 6,3 ft.
  • Extended length: 10.0 m./32,8 ft.
  • Total weight: 11 kg.
  • Number of pole sections: 6.
  • 360 ° manual rotation.
  • Individual adjustable feet with ball joint.
  • Colour mast: carbon black
  • Colour tripod: aluminum-grey.
  • Pneumatic suspension.
  • Polycarbonate clamps. (sideways)